Undergraduate Student Support

Welcome to Queen’s! We’re here for you at every step of your undergraduate journey, whichever program you’re enrolled in.

We work with thousands of Queen’s undergraduates just like you every year to

  • understand your professors’ expectations
  • learn about how to organize your time and stay motivated
  • develop confidence and skill in your studies
  • write persuasive and strong papers, essays, reports, and more

From first to final year, whether you need help setting yourself up for success, discovering new ways to excel, or getting back on track, all of our services are available to you.

Services for undergraduates

We offer group support sessions, workshops, online guides, and the chance to work one-on-one with our experts to develop your skills. Explore more now or email us if you’re not sure where to start.

Looking for some introductions to the key skills you’ll need to succeed as a Queen’s student? You can access our resources at any time. The most popular guides for undergrads are

  • Academics 101, our tutorial on all the basics of undergrad study, including academic integrity, managing your time, writing papers and reports, and preparing for exams.
  • Time management, our guide to learning to work independently in a large university while taking multiple demanding courses.
  • Notetaking and reading, our introductions to reading efficiently and taking notes that will help you understand and remember what you learn.
  • Academic integrity, a fun interactive tutorial that will introduce you to the rules for students at Queen’s—and how to avoid breaking them.
  • the Subject Specific Resource Guide, which lists useful websites, online tutorials, and extra help services for every department on campus.

If you’d like some personalized help, you can book to meet with one of our team in an individual appointment.

Booking an appointment is a great and free way to get started right, develop your work before you submit assignments, and ensure you’re feeling confident. Our team are waiting to work with you!

We run workshop series every semester designed just for you. Usually led by upper-year students who know exactly what it’s like to be in your place, these sessions are a great chance to learn with other undergraduates in a relaxed environment and ask all the questions you want answered.

Every semester, we’ll cover the topics that matter most to you: writing great papers, organizing your time, taking notes, reading effectively, delivering great presentations, and more.

We accompany our regular workshops with special one-off events to support you at the busiest times of semester.

Check out our undergraduate events calendar to see what’s coming up and follow our Instagram feed to get regular reminders and participate in some amazing undergrad contests and giveaways!

Students who have received a 1.6GPA or lower (below a C- grade average) after their first semester as an undergraduate will be invited to participate in our optional Bounce Back mentoring program.

If you are invited to the program and choose to participate, you'll be paired with an experienced upper-year mentor. You and your mentor will meet and message regularly throughout the winter semester to

  • set attainable academic goals
  • discuss your study habits
  • explore ways to build on your strengths from first semester
  • establish a new platform for success in the future

Students who do participate benefit from increased motivation and the chance to connect with an experienced and supportive listener regularly.

If you have questions about Bounce Back, you may email the coordinator, Mikayla Sebesta.

Want to know more about what academic life is like for students at Queen’s? Read through our peer blog to follow the stories of four students’ ups and downs as they progress through the year.

“SASS staff are engaging, chatty, and fun. They’re so helpful!”

Ajaz S
History ’24