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Test and exam preparation

“Study smarter, not harder” may be a cliché… but it’s true!

Learning how to study for midterms and exams is vital for students’ academic success. We review a broad range of tools to help you create a customized study schedule, understand how to prepare, take, and debrief exams, and adopt strategies for effective studying and anxiety reduction.

Need to make a plan for exams?

Try our exam study schedule (December 2019).

If you haven’t used the study schedule before, you can read about how to use it or make an appointment with a learning strategist.


  • Preparing for the test/exam: What to do before the test. How to be informed, strategic, select and organize study materials, and review/self-test.
  • While taking the test/exam: Strategies for adjusting to the content, timing, and different question types, as well as for dealing with test anxiety.
  • After the test or exam: Debriefing to analyze, celebrate, and take stock of body and mind.
  • Planning tools: Templates and instructions to help you organizing your study schedule, how to use your study blocks, and tips for studying for multiple exams.
  • Effective study strategiesSummarizing, Memorizing, Understanding, Elaborating, and Self-Testing.
  • Format-specific strategies: Multiple Choice, Essays, Short Answer, Problems, Math & Science.
  • Test anxiety: Strategies for before, during, and after the test or exam.