Hi Gaels!

Hope you’ve gotten into the groove of the second semester and are enjoying your courses! I don’t know about you, but I’m approaching a midterm season that, for me at least, looks a lot more like “assignment season”!

Last semester, I had three midterms. Managing all of the prep at once was pretty difficult, so I’m thankful this semester I only have one big test. On the other hand, I have a million other assignments and tasks I need to get done! Things have balanced themselves out: lose a midterm, gain an assignment. I still have some time until the really busy season, but it’s never too early to start planning a schedule so I’m going to figure out a week-by-week and daily plan asap.

Something I am a little nervous about is my first practical for ANAT 100. I mentioned how much I was enjoying this course in my last blog, but there is A LOT to memorize. However, that still doesn’t change how much I love and recommend taking this course if you can :) If anyone has taken anatomy before and has any tips on how to really digest the information, please feel free to reach out! So far, I’ve been standing in front of my mirror and labelling my own anatomy. It sounds a little unusual, but it worked for my first block theory test. If you’re taking this course and struggling to memorize everything, try it out: your body is your textbook and ANY test is really open book ;) My proctors are probably so confused every time I touch my forehead trying to figure out where the frontalis muscle originates. Hopefully my confusion gives them a little chuckle.

meme with text: "Midterms? I haven't even ordered my books yet!"On the bright side, who is excited to be back in person?!?! I don’t know about you, but I am really looking forward to classes being (somewhat) normal again. Being at home is nice, especially when you are surrounded by family (and great food!) but it can be difficult to stay focused and stick to your schedule. I also miss a lot of my Queen’s friends so it will be nice to see them again on campus! I think it’s going to be important for us to cherish our time when we go back though, as we’ll really only have a month until exams. The second semester really is flying by! We started classes the second week of January; we’re now in mid-February—which realistically only lasts like 3 days—and then we’re going to fly through March as those assignments start rolling in before finals. Before we know it, it’ll be April, we’ll write our exams, and this school year will be over. Boom. Just like that. Summer.

We’re almost there, Gaels! Remember to take care of yourselves. Good luck with all your tasks for the next few weeks. Here’s a meme I found on Instagram while I may or may not have been procrastinating yet again. I hope it makes you laugh a little :)


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