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Assignment planner

The assignment planner is a tool that helps students plan their assignments by breaking them into manageable parts and providing resources and support toward their completion.

  • To begin, select an assignment type and your start and end dates.
  • After clicking on the submit button, scroll down for the planner’s output.
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Note that

  • the steps and timing provided by the calculator are only a starting place.
    Each step in the assignment planner comes with a time commitment estimate, but some steps might take you longer, depending on how challenging the material is, how well you know the topic or process, and your other commitments (e.g., classes, work schedule). Don’t be afraid to tweak the planner’s recommendations! (Note: when you add the steps to your calendar, they are not fixed–shift them around as needed.)
  • how long any assignment may take to complete will vary.
    If you’re wondering how long you’ll need to spend on an assignment, take a guess based on your past experience—then add a little more time, just in case. For example, if you think you could complete a research essay in two weeks, give yourself two and a half. Assignments usually take longer than you think they will, and you’ll be less likely to feel stressed if you give yourself more time.
  • although the planner’s output is straightforward, your process will probably be less so.
    The step-by-step output of the calculator will make it seem like you can follow the steps one by one until you finish and submit your assignment. In reality, writing, research, experiments, and group work are all circular, messy, and iterative processes. That’s normal! The calculator is a guide, not a set of hard and fast rules.
  • more support is available.
    If you have any questions or challenges along the way, ask for help. Check with your prof or TA about their expectations, the assignment’s format, and the suitability of your topic and/or thesis statement. Go see a librarian for help with research. You can also make an appointment with a writing consultant or an academic skills specialist at any point in the process, from topic choice to draft revision to submission.

The Queen’s assignment planner is based on a similar tool developed by the University of Minnesota. This version is © 2018 Student Academic Success Services, Queen’s University at Kingston, and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 Canada License.