Arts & Sciences, Class of 2026

Being a Person of Colour: Delight and Discomfort

Hannah, Arts, Class of 2026 - Nov 14, 2022

This time, Hannah reflects on her life as a multiracial person of colour at Queen's, sorting through the messy confusion of her feelings.

Dancing in Crocs and PJs

Hannah, Arts, Class of 2026 - Oct 14, 2022

Six weeks into her life at Queen's, Hannah is discovering what adulting really means.

From Caterpillar to Butterfly

Hannah, Arts, Class of 2026 - Sep 13, 2022

Meet Hannah. She's just enrolled at Queen's, and she's hoping she's ready for the next steps!

Navigating the Messy World of Adulting

Hannah, Arts, Class of 2026 - Feb 20, 2023

Hannah's so busy she's started to feel overwhelmed. What's on her laundry list of simple mental health boosts?

Slow Dreams and Productivity

Hannah, Arts, Class of 2026 - Jan 14, 2023

Hannah's moving into her second semester at Queen's by thinking about how slowing down helps her study better.

The Magic of Music

Hannah, Arts, Class of 2026 - Mar 15, 2023

Hannah's thinking about ways she deals with her anxiety disorder - and music seems to help. She takes you inside her playlist!