Online Guides & Tutorials PDFs

This page contains PDF copies of all the SASS-created resources available on the Online Guides and Tutorials page.


Resources (M-Z)
Managing large assignments (PDF, 467 KB)
Math problem solving (PDF, 887)
Memo writing (PDF, 156 KB)
Memory (PDF, 652 KB)
Modifiers and how to use them (PDF, 251 KB)
Motivation and procrastination (PDF, 543 KB)
Mots-liens et expressions utiles (PDF, 222 KB)
Note-taking (PDF, 599 KB)
Online learning (PDF, 248 KB)
Organizing your paper (PDF, 712 KB)
Paragraphing (PDF, 613 KB)
Perfectionism (PDF, 757 KB)
Presentation skills (PDF, 544 KB)
Pronoun agreement (PDF, 306 KB)
Reading (PDF, 626 KB)
Self-editing checklist (PDF, 460 KB)
Sentence building (PDF, 208 KB)
Subject-specific resource guide (PDF, 393 KB)
Subject-verb agreement (PDF, 230 KB)
Test anxiety (PDF, 318 KB)
Tests and exams (PDF, 675 KB)
The reverse outline (PDF, 624 KB)
The writing process (PDF, 652 KB)
Thesis statements (PDF, 218 KB)
Time management (PDF, 750 KB)
Topic sentences (PDF, 467 KB)
Transitions (PDF, 595 KB)
Two-way or double nouns (PDF, 245 KB)
Types and conventions of Science writing (PDF, 346 KB)
What is AI? Why does it matter? (PDF, 283 KB)
Write like a scholar (PDF, 626 KB)